Our Mission

As one of the largest IT consulting firms in the world, TCS recognizes the importance of a diverse, digitally fluent workforce. Unfortunately, in the United States and Canada, there are major inequities that limit access to high quality STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education for all students. To level the playing field and inspire more students to consider studying Computer Science (and other STEM subjects), TCS harnesses the core competencies of its IT workforce by supporting three major STEM Initiatives – the TCS flagship goIT program, STEM Career Accelerator, and the global Computer Science Education Week. To support more robust educational ecosystems, TCS also acts as a corporate thought leader in STEM education by hosting annual convenings and provides select pro-bono technology consulting to non-profits who have aligned missions.
18,000 Students

TCS has mentored over 18,000 students through its STEM educational initiatives through its in-person and online programs, harnessing the core competencies of its IT workforce.

850,000 Professionals

TCS has developed mentoring platforms for US2020 and Million Women Mentors. As a result, these initiatives are connecting over 850,000 industry professionals and 250 youth serving organizations to students in need.

$10M+ in Social Good

TCS provides pro-bono consulting and IT services to education-focused non-profits. Through its partnership with NPower, TCS supports non-profit organizations with technology services. Cumulatively, these projects have resulted in over $10M in social good.

Our Programs

TCS works to mentor students in STEM education through its in-person and online programs, harnessing the core competencies of its IT workforce. Starting in 2017-18, it will bring STEM programs (goIT, STEM Career Accelerator, and CS Education Week activities) year round to students in 50 cities in the US and Canada supplemented by online tools and resources which complement the in-person mentorship.

Ignite My Future In School

Recognizing the importance of computational thinking as a foundational skill, Ignite My Future in School has a goal of engaging 20,000 teachers and one million U.S. students by 2021. As a first step towards this goal, TCS and Discovery Education also announced that 10 U.S. school systems – with more than 6,700 teachers and 194,000 students – joined the effort as early adopters of this transdisciplinary approach.
Johnny Isakson
U.S. Senator for Georgia

“Advanced thinking and greater investment in our students is always to be commended. Students and teachers across 10 school districts, including DeKalb County, Ga., will benefit from the opportunity Tata Consultancy Services and Discovery Education are providing as we find improved ways to help equip our students to be ‘big picture’ thinkers. This type of initiative will help to prepare them for many careers and elements of jobs that do not yet even exist. Now more than ever, our students need to learn the basic skills that will help them prepare for lifelong learning.”


Student, New York City

“Programming was my favorite part. I hope to someday specialize in programming, especially after doing this program.”

Our Mission

The goIT program strengthens communities by empowering students today to create solutions for tomorrow. Through goIT, students across the United States and Canada gain skills that are necessary to be competitive in the 21st century workforce. goIT is an experiential, immersive program where middle and high school students tackle real world problems alongside industry experts through hands-on technology education. Our primary goal is to demystify computer science and help students gain the ability and confidence required to pursue STEM degrees. Students work with TCS mentors to identify problems affecting their community, simulating the processes and models of the world’s leading design thinkers- eventually crafting an innovative solution.










Student Skill Building Hours


STEM Mentors